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Acronyms T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Acronyms starting in: T
T - Tera
TA - Terminal Adapter
TAC - Technical Assistance Center
TAPI - Telephony Application Programming Interface
TAR - Tape ARchive
TB - TeraByte
TCP - Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCPSAT - Transmission Control Protocol over SATellite
TCSH - Trusted C SHell
TE - Terminal Equipment
TELCO - TELephone Central Office
TELNET - TELephone NETwork
TEMP - TEMPorary
TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
TLD - Top Level Domain
TLN - Trunk Line Network
TLP - Transmission Level Point
TLS - Transport Layer Security
TM - TradeMark
TMI - Too Much Information
TMP - TeMPorary
TOC - Table Of Contents
TOS - Terms Of Service
TP - Twisted Pair
TPR - Third-Party Relay
TPS - Transactions Per Second
TR - Terminal Ready
TRM - TeRMinal
TS - Tech Support OR Terminal Services
TS - Technical Support
TSE - Technical Support Engineer
TSP - Telephony Service Provider
TTF - TrueType Font
TTL - Time To Live
TTS - Trouble Ticketing System
TUCOWS - The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software
TUX - Torvald's UniX
TV - TeleVision
TX - Transmit
TZ - Time Zone
Acronyms starting in: U
UA - User Agent
UART - Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UBB - Ultimate Bulletin Board
UBE - Unsolicited Bulk E-mail
UBR - Universal Broadband Router
UCE - Unsolicited Commercial Email
UDG - User Defined Gateway
UID - User Identification
UL - UpLoad
UNE - Unbundled Network Element
UNEP - Unbundled Network Element Platform
UNI - Universal Network Interface
UNIX - UNiplexed Information and Computing
UPC - Universal Product Code
UPS - United Parcel Service
URL - Uniform Resource Locator
USB - Universal Serial Bus
USR - US Robotics
UT - Universal Time
UTC - Coordinated Universal Time
UTP - Unshielded Twisted Pair
Acronyms starting in: V
V - Volt
V/F - Voltage to Frequency converter
V/IP - Voice over Internet Protocol
VAD - Value Added Dealer
VADSL - Very-high rate Asymmetric Digital
VAIO - Video Audio Integrated Operation
VAP - Value Added Provider
VAR - Value Added Reseller
VB - Visual Basic
VBR - Variable Bit Rate
VBRUN - Visual Basic RUNtime
VBS - Visual Basic Script
VER - VERsion
VESA - Video Electronics Standard Association
VG - Voice Grade
VGA - Video Graphic Array
VHM - Voice Health Monitor
VIO - Video Input/Output
VIRUS - Vital Information Resources Under Siege
VLAN - Virtual Local Area Network
VLB - Vesa Local Bus
VM - Virtual Machine OR Virtual Memory
VNC - Virtual Network Computing
VoATM - Voice Over Asynchronous Transfer Mode
VOD - Video On Demand
VoDSL - Voice Over Digital Subscriber Line
VoFR - Voice Over Frame Relay
VoIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol
VOL - Verizon On Line
VPDN - Virtual Private Data Network
VPDS - Virtual Private Data Service
VPN - Virtual Private Network
VR - Virtual Reality
VRML - Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VTNS - Virtual Telecommunications Network Service
VTP - Vlan Trunking Protocol
VxD - Virtual eXtended Driver
Acronyms starting in: W
W - Watt
W/O - WithOut
W2C - Wrote to Cancel
W2K - Windows 2000
W3 - World Wide Web
W3A - World Wide Web Applets
W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
WAN - Wide Area Network
WAP - Wireless Access Point
WB - Wide Band
WDL - Windows Driver Library
WDM - Windows Driver Model
WEP - Wireless Encryption Protocol
WfW - Windows For Workgroups
WHQL - Windows Hardware Quality Labs
Wi-Fi - WIreless FIdelity
WINE - Wine Is Not an Emulator
WinHEC - WINdows Hardware Engineering
WINS - Windows Internet Name Service
Wintel - WINdows/inTEL
WISP - Wireless Internet Service Provider
WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network
WOL - Wake On Lan
WOM - Wake On Modem
WPAN - Wireless Personal Area Network
WTO - World Trade Organization
WTP - Wireless Transport Protocol
WWW - World Wide Web
WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get
Acronyms starting in: X
XGA - eXtended Graphics Array
XML - eXtensible Markup Language
XMLC - eXtensible Markup Language Compiler
XOFF - Transmitter OFF
XON - Transmitter ON
XOR - eXclusive OR
XP - eXPerience
XSS - Cross-Site Scripting
XSSI - eXtended Server Side Includes
Acronyms starting in: Y
Y2K - Year 2000
YACC - Yet Another Compiler Compiler
YAHOO - Yet Another Hierarchically Officious Oracle
YAI - Yet Another Isp
YAM - Yet Another Modem
YAST - Yet Another Setup Tool
YATE - Yet Another Terminal Emulator
YB - YottaByte
YIM - Yahoo! Instant Messenger
YTD - Year To Date
Acronyms starting in: Z
ZB - ZetaByte
ZD - Ziff-Davis

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