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New ScreenShots (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [03/14/2008]: Brand new McAfee screenshtos have been added! Enjoy!

Shopping (Shop.ModemHelp.Net) [Always!]: Looking for a GREAT deal on just about anything? Utilize the power of comparison shopping through Shop.ModemHelp.Net and save big!

New ScreenShots (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [02/08/2008]: Brand new Symantec screenshtos have been added! Enjoy!

New ScreenShots and Don't Forget to Check Out Broadband!(Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net & Broadband.ModemHelp.Net) [01/17/2008]: New Avast 4.7 screenshots have been posted! MacOS 10.5 screenshots are coming soon, just awaiting a few kinks to be worked out. Also, don't forget to stop by and check out the brand new Broadband.ModemHelp.Net!

Broadband.ModemHelp.Net (Broadband.ModemHelp.Net) [1/14/2008]: It has been about a month since the last news, but for good reason. Today is an important day for ModemHelp.Net, as it marks the release of a site long in development, Broadband.ModemHelp.Net!

Broadband.ModemHelp.Net is already packed with troubleshooting information for nearly 200 cable, dsl, and satellite modems, as well as general router information, PPPoE Error fixes, and more! We are now looking for people to submit data on more modems, fixes, and any other information you think might be useful to other broadband support representatives and end users. Whether you are looking to make a contribution or a suggestion, please let me know about it by e-mailing me at today! There are several more big additions to come over the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled for an ever-growing ModemHelp.Net!

MacOS X 10.5 Sponsor? (ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/18/2007]: Last year ModemHelp.Net's holiday season was brightened by NDemand sponsoring Windows Vista screenshots by purchasing us the tools to make this happen. I thought I would ask this year if anyone out there would be interested in sponsoring MacOS X 10.5 Leopard screenshots. This would require the purchase of a new Apple computer or an older Apple computer and the purchase of a copy of Leopard. Alternatively, an ISP could donate screenshots that they have already taken. Make certain to ask your supervisor or manager if your company may be interested in sponsoring or co-sponsoring this endeavor and making ModemHelp.Net's Christmas wish come true! Please direct any questions to me at

Windows 2000 Bugfix (ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/14/2007]: Thank you Michelle for pointing out a broken link in the Windows 2000 dialer setup screenshots. This has now been corrected. If you find any more, please let me know.

Windows Vista Bugfixes (ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/14/2007]: Thank you Michael for pointing out a broken link in the Windows Vista screenshots. This led me to find and correct 43 other broken links. If you find any more, please let me know.

Netscape 7.01 Update (ScreenShots.ModemHelp.Net) [12/06/2007]: The Netscape 7.01 screenshots had broken links (or no links) on the image maps for "Preferences" and "Mail & Newsgroup Account Settings". These broken (and missing links) have been corrected and the Netscape 7.01 shots should be all fixed up. Please make sure to report any other bugs that you may find.

Quick Init Reference (ModemHelp.Net) [12/04/2007]: Made sweeping changes to the code for the Quick Init Reference table! Updated it with CSS for faster download/load times and also made updates to the table's information.

Survey (Survey) [12/04/2007]: Have a few minutes to spare? If so, please take a moment to complete ModemHelp.Net's survey by clicking here!

Init Strings and Drviers (ModemHelp.Net) [11/20/2007]: Updated various inits and repaired some broken items. Completely redesigned the Init String and Driver pages to better 'match' the rest of the website, added some quicklinks, and now when moving your mouse over table data cells the cells will highlight so that you can more easily see which init goes with which modem.

ScreenShot Updates (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [11/09/2007]: Updated various screenshots and repaired broken links.

New ScreenShots (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [11/07/2007]: Fixed some broken links, altered some shots, added further misc troubleshooting information, added Firefox 2.0 and some DSL/Cable router/modem shots!
UPDATE: There was an issue with the Firefox 2.0 screenshots that has now been corrected.

New ScreenShots (Screenshots.ModemHelp.Net) [11/02/2007]: Fixed some broken links, altered some shots, added further misc troubleshooting information, and added more Opera shots!

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