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Acronyms J, K, L, M, N

Acronyms starting in: J
J2EE - Java 2 platform, Enterprise Edition
J2ME - Java 2 platform, Micro Edition
J2SE - Java 2 platform, Standard Edition
JAR - Java ARchive
JDK - Java Development Kit
JPEG - Joint Photographic Experts Group
JPG - Joint Photographic experts Group
JRE - Java Runtime Environment
JS - JavaScript
JSP - JavaServer Pages
Acronyms starting in: K
k - Kilo
KB - KeyBoard OR Knowledge Base
kb - KiloBit
kB - KiloByte
kbps - KiloBits Per Second
kBps - KiloBytes Per Second
KDE - K Desktop Environment
KHz - KiloHertZ
KPI - Key Performance Indicator
KVM - Keyboard, Video, Mouse
Acronyms starting in: L
L# - Level #
L1 - Level 1
L2 - Level 2
L2TP - Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
LAN - Local Area Network
LAPM - Link Access Procedure for Modems
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display
LCP - Link Control Protocol
LD - Long Distance
LDD - Long Distance Disclaimer
LE - Light Edition
LEC - Local Exchange Carrier
LIFO - Last In First Out
LILO - Last In Last Out
LIS - Logical Ip Subnet
LMoS - Leave Mail on Server
LOC - Lines Of Code
LOG - LOGarithm
LOL - Laughing Out Loud
LTE - Line Terminating Equipment
Acronyms starting in: M
M - Mega
Mac - Macintosh Computer
MACS - Modem Access Control System
MAD - Microsoft Active Directory
MAE - Macintosh Application Environment
MAGIC - Multi-dimensional Applications Gigabit Internetworking Consortium
MAME - Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator
MAN - MANual
MAPI - Messaging Application Programming Interface
MAPS - Mail Abuse Prevention System
Mb - MegaBit
MB - MegaByte OR MotherBoard
Mbps - MegaBits Per Second
MBps - MegaBytes Per Second
MBR - Master Boot Record
MBS - Maximum Burst Size
MBX - MailBoX
MCP - Microsoft Certified Professional
MCPS - Microsoft Certified Product Specialist
MCR - Modem Control Register
MCSA - Microsoft Certified System Administrator
MCSD - Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
MCSE - Microsoft Certified System Engineer
MCSP - Microsoft Certified Solution Provider
MCT - Microsoft Certified Trainer
MCU - MicroController Unit
MD5 - Message Digest 5
MDA - Mail Delivery Agent
MDB - Microsoft DataBase
MDY - Month Day Year
ME - Millenium Edition
MEM - MEMory
MHz - MegaHertZ
MIDI - Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIME - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIN - MINimum
MIPS - Million Instructions Per Second
MJ - Modular Jack
MLT - Mechanized Line Test OR Metallic Line Test
MMORPG - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
MODEM - MOdulator/DEModulator
MONET - Multiwavelength Optical NETwork
MOTD - Message Of The Day
MOTO - Master Of The Obvious
MP - Multilink Protocol
MP3 - MPeg layer 3
MPAA - Motion Picture Association of America
MPEG - Motion Pictures Expert Group
MPPE - Microsoft Point to Point Encryption
MPTA - Multi Protocol Transport Architecture
MPTN - Multi-Protocol Transport Network
MPTP - Micro Payment Transfer Protocol
MPTS - Multi-Protocol Transport Services
MPTS/2 - Multi Protocol Transport Services 2
MR - Modem Ready OR Modem Riser
MRJ - Macos Runtime for Java
MRU - Maximum Receive Unit
MS - MicroSoft
ms - MilliSecond
MSAV - MicroSoft Anti Virus
MSCE - MicroSoft Certified Engineer
MSCHAP - MicroSoft Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
MSCT - MicroSoft Certified Trainer
MSDK - Microsoft Solutions Development Kit
MSDL - MicroSoft Download Library
MSDN - MicroSoft Developer Network
MSDOS - MicroSoft Disk Operating System
MSE - MicroSoft Exchange
MSIE - MicroSoft Internet Explorer
MSIMN - MicroSoft Internet Mail and News
MSKB - MicroSoft Knowledge Base
MSN - MicroSoft Network
MTA - Message Transfer Agent OR Message Transfer Architecture
MTD - Month To Date
MTU - Maximum Transmission Unit
MUA - Mail User Agent
MUD - Multi-User Dungeon
MUG - Multi-User Game
MUX - MUltipleXer
MX - Mail eXchanger
MZR - Multiple Zone Recording
Acronyms starting in: N
NAC - Network Adapter Card OR Network Administration Center
NAD - Network Access Device OR Network Activity Display
NAK - Not AcKnowledged
NANAE - News.Admin.Net-Abuse.Email
NAP - Network Access Point
NAS - Network Access Server
NASDAQ - National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation
NAT - Network Address Translation
NAU - Network Addressable Unit
NAV - Norton Anti Virus
NBP - Name Binding Protocol
NC - No Connection
NCP - Network Control Panel OR Network Control Protocol
NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement
NDIS - Network Driver Interface Specification
NDN - Non-Delivery Notice
NDT - No Dial Tone
NE - Network Element
NEG - NEGative
NetBEUI - NETwork Bios Extended User Interface
NetBIOS - NETwork Basic Input Output System
NETMON - NETwork MONitor
NEXT - Near-End CrossTalk
NFS - Network File System
NFT - Network File Transfer
NG - NewsGroup
NI - Network Interface
NI - Network Interface
NIC - Network Interface Card
NiMH - NIckel-Metal Hydride
NIS - Norton Internet Security
NJ - Nice Job
NMC - Network Management Center
NN - Network Node
NNTP - Network News Transport Protocol
NOC - Network Operation Center
NRN - No Response Needed
NSC - Network Service Center
NSI - Network Solutions, Inc
NSP - Network Service Provider
NTF - No Trouble Found
NTFS - New Technology File System
NTP - Network Time Protocol
NTSC - National Television Systems Committee
NUA - Network User Address
NUI - Network User Interface
NWFS - NetWare File System

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